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Work for the City of Brea
Human Resources for the City of Brea seeks quality employees who are as committed to the mission of excellent public service as they are competent in their skills. Brea is an employer blending the best of both worlds: you can work within a small community where you will make meaningful personal connections, but also within a progressive regional base of commerce that assures professional challenges. If you appreciate high personal standards we encourage you to apply for a position. We're looking for the best!

How to Apply for a City Position
Turn your curiosity about a City of Brea job into action! Use this online application to expedite your submittal. Our online application offers some distinct advantages. This method of applying is more than efficient. Once you have established your profile in our system, you can also come back to add or just update information later. We will permanently maintain your profile. Once posted here, your application can be easily referenced whenever an opening occurs in your field of interest.

Online applicants applying for City positions must submit the City of Brea Employment Application Form and any required supplemental questionnaires or materials in order to be considered in the recruitment process.

Current Job Openings
View a list of jobs that are currently available at the City of Brea!

City of Brea Job Classifications
View a list of all the job classifications with full details of each position. You may fill out an interest card for any position you like--even if no current vacancy exists. Simply select the position(s) you are interested in by clicking the City of Brea Job Classifications link above and submit an interest card.
(If you don’t already have an account, you will need to create one. It’s easy! Click on the “Login/Create Account” link in the upper left hand corner. You will then be notified if an opening occurs within the next 12 months.)

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